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#1: Year of the NoM Creator

#1: Year of the NoM Creator
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For many people it will be hard to be optimistic about 2023. We hear about a looming recession, depression even; the worst economic conditions of our lifetimes. In the tech industry we have seen tens of thousands of jobs being laid off. The party is over. The music has stopped.

I believe each person can bring unique value and has something to offer to the world. But in order to deliver that value, the right context and support is needed. For many, that context is a company. The theory of the firm states that we work together in companies because it is more efficient to work within internal trust boundaries than outside of it.

As individuals, we rely greatly upon the work of others to not just survive, but to thrive. Money and the markets are a method for us to coordinate and collaborate. Decentralized networks and cryptocurrencies are ultimately about creating new ways to work together.

These networks can:

  • lower the friction/cost of paying someone
  • connect individuals who could not transact otherwise
  • offer native ways to earn
  • enable new monetization strategies

Many people dream of working independently and decentralized networks can greatly lower the barrier to do so. I believe that Zenon will enable a new generation of creators and I hope that I can play a part in making it happen.

Through xStakes genesis launch and progressive decentralization through the dual coin economy, Zenon achieves true decentralization and our network is not dependent on any corporate structure or employees. Our community will likely rely on independent contributors to carry our network forward for the foreseeable future.

It is a dream of mine to work independently on Zenon full time. I believe in the network and burned for a pillar called Ignition. When it comes to the kind of community I want to participate in and build around Ignition, I hope to create the best digital home for the online creator.

I will first start off by serving myself and other free and open source code contributors who benefit our network. Free and open source software powers the world. But its developers and maintainers hardly receive a fraction of the value they create. Often times, they must juggle conflicting corporate sponsorship/interests in order to survive, instead of delivering solutions with the greatest value.

I have many friends who work for big tech companies who do not enjoy it and are only there for the money and pedigree. My goal is to make being a free and open source contributor the most enjoyable and lucrative career in tech!

In order to best serve the creator economy, I need to be an active participant in it. So I am starting this newsletter to learn about the challenges that creators face. I've never done something like this before so it will be a learning experience for me. I want to share that journey and hopefully help others start their own.

In my next post, I will plan out my strategy around the content of this newsletter and how I will grow and monetize it.