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#16: Work Log 9/5 - 9/10


  • Welcome DigitalSloth (creator of zenonhub.io) to Hypercore.One!
  • Attended the first developer chat hosted by 0x https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9sD4xj4X0WU
  • Did some brainstorming on the big privacy gains from PTLCs https://forum.hypercore.one/t/ptlcs-the-standard/200
  • Discussed ideas to start maintaining the the zenon.network website and making it better reflect the community https://forum.hypercore.one/t/zenon-network-website-overhaul/198
  • HyperCore.One lab is coming along nicely. Released the next gen shared testnet for hc1 members. The testnet can easily be reset with any version of znnd, whether that is zenon-network/go-zenon or hypercore-one fork. Hopefully will increase our velocity.
  • As the internal testnet stack matures, will look to open source it in the future. Currently not generic.
  • Still have a little bit of developer tooling in mind before diving back into big features for protocol development. It's less focused on infrastructure so non hc1 members will hopefully benefit from it soon as well.

Maintainer work


  • Opened a PR to handle empty list of seeders. Needed for single node testnets #31
  • Opened a PR to fix some leftover formatting issues from the bridge/liquidity work #32
  • Closed a stale/incomplete PR to update dependencies, created a fresh one #33

My other PRs pending review:

  • rpc bugfixes for bigint #27 #29

Of course, all changes/fixes already merged into hypercore-one/go-zenon fork. Will likely just have it be a separate bleeding edge binary soon.