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#14: Work Log 8/27 - 9/4


  • Mostly internal hypercore-one work this week (sorry)
  • Private repo to build an image of any go-zenon fork, but packages published publicly: https://github.com/hypercore-one/nom-container/pkgs/container/znnd
  • Need to redirect proper logs to stdout and stderr
  • For the sake of versioning, I might just give hypercore-one/go-zenon fork a unique binary name and github package repository
  • Goal of being able to quickly have any version of znnd in hypercore-one shared lab environment should be realized soon
  • Then can continue on the governance work (Because of spork activation, a bug in the governance embedded can halt the entire network, so I am really emphasizing shared testing)
  • Hopefully that will increase hypercore-one developer velocity
  • Figuring out what's next for P2P Liquidity: https://forum.hypercore.one/t/p2p-next-steps/196

Maintainer Duties

I need to check with 0x regarding exactly which repos I have maintainer permissions on. GitHub doesn't make it easy. I'm going to really try and maintain these repos properly. While also moving fast on the hypercore-one forks.


  • #27 #29: Still awaiting review for rpc fixes related to bugs introduced by bigInt changes
  • Closed some stale issues.

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