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#12: Work Log 8/20-8/26

  • Let's aim for steady consistent progress...
  • Continuing to build out nomctl, moved generate-devnet action into it
  • For nomctl znn-cli port, added rest of the collect functions, uncollected funds (which dart znn cli doesn't have), unrecieved, and receiveAll. Basically enough to start using nomctl znn-cli as a daily driver for collecting rewards.
  • Looking to port the controller soon
  • Ran into some bugs with bigInt RPC changes (rpc only, not consensus). Specifically with Unmarshalling JSON, it only affects golang clients. Fixed these bugs on hypercore-one/go-zenon fork, PRs open for upstream: #27, #29
  • Updated go-zdk for bigInt changes
  • Updated go-zdk and nomctl to use hypercore-one/go-zenon fork as its dependency, (I probably will merge updates faster than upstream)
  • Looked into p2p code and determined key interfaces to replace. Probably will try to run a local node soon without any networking enabled to understand migration to libp2p
  • Building out the hypercore.one dev lab. Need to enable myself and teammates to be more productive. And be able to rigorously test consensus changes. Building out shared test nodes, custom tooling (probably open source later)
  • Need to start putting together a routine checklist for maintainer tasks: go through PRs and Issues each week
  • Posting this a day early because I probably don't have time to work tomorrow

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